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About MIT Sport Pistol

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Where we shoot: Basement of DuPont Gymnasium: Building W31.

Interested in Joining?
No prior shooting experience is necessary.

All members of the MIT student community are eligible to try out to join the team. Undergraduate members are eligible to compete. Recruitment happens during the beginning of the school year with the Athletic Midway which is held during Rush/Orientation week.

The pistol season runs from September to March, with the first match in October. Practices are held Monday through Thursday. The range is open for the team from 5:00 to 7:00 pm (except on Tuesdays, when it closes at 6:30).

As with other sports, practice is required, absences must be excused, and participation at home matches is expected. As your level of proficiency increases, you will be asked to go to away matches. You must be patient as it takes as much time to develop proficiency in pistol as it does in any other sport. However, if you practice and stick with it, maybe you can join the ranks of our All-Americans, All-Stars, and nationally ranked teams!

If you are a grad student or employee, you may consider joining the MIT Pistol and Rifle Club instead of the Sport Pistol Team, because you will be eligible to shoot in competitions and the membership dues are less expensive. PRC practices on Tuesday nights and goes to local competitions.

If you are interested in competitive rifle shooting, you can find information on the undergraduate MIT Rifle Team here.

Take the P.E. class
There is a pistol P.E. class available for undergraduates, but slots are limited. Sign-ups are on P.E. registration days twice a semester. For more information on signing up for the class, please visit the MIT Athletics page.

Our Coaches

We wouldn’t be able to exist, much less be so successful, without our awesome volunteer coaches!

Huge thanks to our coaches for all the time and effort they put into helping our team!

Doug White
Yakov Ostrovsky
Steve Goldstein
Louis Matnog

Our Sponsors

MIT Pistol and Rifle Club

MIT Sport Pistol Club Alumni

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