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MIT Sport Pistol Team

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Safety – Excellence – Tradition

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Pistol team featured in MIT’s newspaper The Tech

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Written by team members Jennifer Hsu and Francisco Garcia, and coach Steve Goldstein.

Article found in The Tech volume 134 number 19, published on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, starting on page 16 (Sports section):

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2014 Nationals Results and All-American Awards

Official 2014 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championship Results

All-American Awards

Congratulations to Jackie Wu, who got Air Pistol Honorable Mention, Sport Pistol First Team, and Standard Pistol Second Team!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hsu and Kristine Kim, who both got Sport Pistol Honorable Mention!

Official Results on NRA Blog

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2014 Nationals Day 2

Day two is over (finally!).  Today there were three events.  The first was a “fun shoot” – 30 shots of sport rapid for the guys.  I’m not sure how accurately score was kept, and the range officers were rather cavalier about scoring system malfunctions, but MIT will definitely win the award for best costuming if one is given.

The Standard Pistol match came next.  We had six individuals qualify in this event, which made selecting a team of four quite challenging.  Coaches Yakov and Steve, with help from YinFu, chose our most experienced and usually best shooters, but everyone shot a bit below their averages and we ended up in sixth place as a team.  Our best shooter was Rebekah Cha ’16, a first-year shooter as a sophomore and not listed scoring on the team, with a 524, which was good for ninth overall.  The one consolation, I suppose, is that even if our four highest-scoring shooters had been listed as the team we still would have ended fourth and out of the awards.

After yet another delicious Subway lunch the day continued with the Women’s Sport Pistol match.  This turned out to be an entertaining and exciting event, and the team match was very closely contested.  Jackie Wu and Jennifer Hsu qualified for the finals in 6th and 8th, finishing is 7th and 8th overall. There was a tie for first in the team event, with Ohio State and Army both scoring 1590 (OSU won on the tie-breaker) and MIT in third *one point* behind. All three of our shooters feel badly about that one or two more points they might have gotten, but that is tempered by the fact that we won the Women’s Aggregate thanks to our strong performance in yesterday’s Women’s Air Pistol match.

The Championships conclude tomorrow with the Open Air Pistol match in the morning, followed by the awards banquet in the evening where we’ll collect our swag and, we hope, a few All-American awards as well.

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2014 Nationals Day 1

Two events were contested on the first day of competition – Women’s Air Pistol in the morning, and Open Free Pistol in the afternoon.  Our day started in great fashion with Jackie Wu (361), Jennifer Hsu (360), and Kristine Kim (359) combining to take first place in the team event, 9 points ahead of second-place North Dakota State University, with Ohio State third, Navy fourth, and Citadel fifth.  Jackie was our only individual qualifier; she finished fifth in the match and fifth after finals.  Jennifer and Kristine both shot well enough to make the finals, but because they hadn’t prequalified as individual competitors (qualification was based on Sectional scores) they were ineligible.

Our Free Pistol team consisted of individual qualifiers Jackie Wu and Nico Fine, plus Thuan Doan and Kristine Kim.  Unlike last year, where temperatures were in the high 30s or low 40s and everyone wore every scrap of clothing they could find, today was sunny with a light breeze and temperatures in the low 70s, with short sleeves the uniform of the day.  Three of our shooters were at or above average, but one encountered some serious difficulties that led to a low score, and we finished well out of the awards (this wasn’t actually surprising as we had qualified low).  It was a tough afternoon following such a good morning, but it’s over and behind us.

We’re looking forward to the Standard and Sport Pistol matches tomorrow.

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2013-2014 season highlights

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Matches:Trik Android

  • MIT Beat USCGA 6054 to 5950 Open, 2666 to 2653 women’s
  • MIT beat Merchant Marine 5958 to 5638 Open
  • MIT beat Yale 4108 to 3750 (air and standard)
  • MIT sets season record match score at sectionals, with a 6160 open and a 2701 women’s

Individual Scores:

  • Nicholas Fine Shoots season air high of 546 at USCGA
  • Nicholas Fine Shoots Season Free high of 500 at USMA
  • Jackie Wu shoots season standard high of 536 at USMA
  • Jackie Wu Shoots women’s air high of 365 at USCGA
  • Jackie Wu Shoots women’s sport high of 565 at MIT against USCGA

Sectionals Results:
Individual Qualifiers:
Congratulations to Jackie Wu who qualified in all 5 events!

  • 5 qualifiers for standard (Jackie, Yinfu, Kristine, Jennifer, Rebekah)
  • 1 qualifier for free (Jackie)
  • 1 qualifier for open air (Jackie)
  • 3 qualifiers for women’s sport (Jackie, Kristine, Jennifer) and 2nd alternate (Yinfu)
  • 1 qualifier for women’s air (Jackie) and first and second alternates (Yinfu and Jennifer)

Team Qualifications:
Qualified for all 5 events. Congratulations to the MIT women’s team for winning women’s aggregate!

  • 1st in women’s air
  • 4th in women’s sport
  • 4th in Standard
  • 6th in Free
  • 8th in Open Air

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Watch Movie Split (2017)

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2013 Collegiate Pistol Championships – Day 3

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The shooting is finished.  The air pistol cylinders ammunition are on
their way back to MA via UPS, and all the equipment is packed and
ready for tomorrow’s return flight.  I’m sitting in the hotel’s
breakfast room proctoring three exams.  Maybe just once the
Championships will take place during MIT’s spring break.  This
certainly puts us at a disadvantage as nearly all our opponents have
the week off and thus no academic concerns during the

First, a correction.  The Standard Pistol Team ended 8th of 11, not
7th of 8 as I stated yesterday.  That doesn’t make it a whole lot
better, but it does correct reportage.

Our Women’s Sport Pistol team finished 5th out of 5.  Unfortunately,
teams need to be declared prior to the competition’s start; if I’d
guessed better we might have climbed a place.  It was both a blessing
and a curse to have four individuals qualify for an event in which
teams are comprised of three persons.

Now on to today’s event, the Open Air Pistol match.  Our four-senior
team of Christie Chiu, Wen Chyan, Eddie Ha, and Nick Torgerson did
reasonably well; Christie led with a 543, followed by Nick at 540, Wen
at 537, and Eddie at 526.  The top eight individual finishers were
clustered between 563 and 553, so all our shooters were unfortunately
well out of the finals, and it seems unlikely we’ll garner a team

All that remains is tonight’s Awards Banquet where the presentations
of trophies and All-American honors will take place, and an
early-morning drive back to Atlanta for the flight home.  Despite
losing four shooters to graduation, we expect a good core of returnees
and are already planning for and looking forward to next year.


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2013 Collegiate Pistol Championships Day 2 update

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The second day of competition is finished, but first there’s a small
bit of business remaining from yesterday.  Our Ladies’ Air Pistol team
ended up in 3rd place with a combined score of 1078, behind Army
(1085) and Navy (1084), and Ohio State was not far behind in 4th.
This was a very competitive event, and we’re pleased to be brining
home some hardware!

This morning broke bright and clear, and even colder than yesterday.
There was frost on the windshields and the thermometer read 42F when
we arrived at the range about 8:20 for a 9am Standard Pistol match.
Our top shooter was Wen Chyan ’13 with a 520, good for 15th place.
Our four-person team of Wen, Eddie Ha ’13, Nick Torgerson ’13, and
Kristine Kim ’14 ended a rather disappointing 7th out of 8.  We now
know what type of CVS-brand handwarmers NOT to buy, they weren’t
terribly effective.

There was some good news in the afternoon event, Womens’ Sport Pistol.
Jackie Wu ’16 (yes, a freshman) made it into the finals with a 538,
good for 8th place after the qualifier match.  Her 99.6 in the finals
led the field and she moved up three places, ending in 5th.  The
remainder of our team shot around their averages or slightly below,
but this wasn’t good enough for a team award against extremely strong
teams from Army, Navy, and Ohio State.  The team standings weren’t yet
posted when we left the range, so I’ll follow up with that tomorrow.

The sole event remaining is Open Air Pistol, which begins at 9am
tomorrow and is, thankfully, held indoors.  Tomorrow night is the
awards banquet and All-American presentations.

More tomorrow.