Instructional Documents:
Safety and Basic Pistol Marksmanship
Intro To Marksmanship Training Presentation
Intro To Air Pistols Training Presentation
Cleaning Air Pistols
Cleaning .22′s (Coming Soon)
Setup Info for Motorized Air Pistol Target Carriers
Free Pistol
ISSF & USA Shooting Rulebook
US Army Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide

“Wrist Roller” Pistol Exercise Instructions
US Pistol Team Training Exercises

Reading Material:
On The Firing Line Excerpts
Archive of On The Firing Line Links
“Mental Discipline” – Dealing with Match Pressure, from Army Marksmanship Guide
“Biomechanical and Psychological Factors Affecting Accuracy in Pistol Shooting” – a study

Gun Manuals:
Tau-7 & Tau-7 Jr. Air Pistols
Benelli Kite Air Pistol
Steyr LP10 Air Pistol