2014 Nationals Day 2

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2014 Nationals Day 2

Day two is over (finally!).  Today there were three events.  The first was a “fun shoot” – 30 shots of sport rapid for the guys.  I’m not sure how accurately score was kept, and the range officers were rather cavalier about scoring system malfunctions, but MIT will definitely win the award for best costuming if one is given.

The Standard Pistol match came next.  We had six individuals qualify in this event, which made selecting a team of four quite challenging.  Coaches Yakov and Steve, with help from YinFu, chose our most experienced and usually best shooters, but everyone shot a bit below their averages and we ended up in sixth place as a team.  Our best shooter was Rebekah Cha ’16, a first-year shooter as a sophomore and not listed scoring on the team, with a 524, which was good for ninth overall.  The one consolation, I suppose, is that even if our four highest-scoring shooters had been listed as the team we still would have ended fourth and out of the awards.

After yet another delicious Subway lunch the day continued with the Women’s Sport Pistol match.  This turned out to be an entertaining and exciting event, and the team match was very closely contested.  Jackie Wu and Jennifer Hsu qualified for the finals in 6th and 8th, finishing is 7th and 8th overall. There was a tie for first in the team event, with Ohio State and Army both scoring 1590 (OSU won on the tie-breaker) and MIT in third *one point* behind. All three of our shooters feel badly about that one or two more points they might have gotten, but that is tempered by the fact that we won the Women’s Aggregate thanks to our strong performance in yesterday’s Women’s Air Pistol match.

The Championships conclude tomorrow with the Open Air Pistol match in the morning, followed by the awards banquet in the evening where we’ll collect our swag and, we hope, a few All-American awards as well.

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March 18, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Whoooooo! Go MIT!! So happy that the women’s team won the aggregate :)

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