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The Constitution of MIT  Pistol Team v. April 8, 2014

1. Preamble

We, the members of the MIT Pistol Team, seek to create a competitive, but inclusive environment where members can learn, practice, and shoot safely.

2. Purpose

2.1.The purpose of the MIT Pistol Team (henceforth referred to as, “team”) is a club  sport team that exists to compete in various shooting competitions.

2.2.The purpose of this document is to provide a general set of guidelines by which the MIT Pistol Team shall  adhere in its activities and governance.

3. Membership

3.1. General

3.1.1. All members of the MIT student community are eligible to try out to become members. Non-MIT students are not eligible to try out.

3.1.2. Due to the limited capacity of the shooting range, membership shall be limited and are to be determined by tryouts. The number of memberships given shall  be predetermined by the executive officers.

3.1.3. Depending on membership yield, try outs can be held up to twice per academic year.  One tryout period shall be held at the beginning of the Fall semester. If necessary, a second tryout period may be held  during IAP.

3.1.4. Membership shall be decided by the executive officers on the basis of safety, attendance, interest in the team, potential, and skill level displayed during the tryout period.

3.1.5. This organization will not discriminate based  on any characteristic listed in MIT’s Nondiscrimination Statement.

3.2.  Membership Responsibilities

3.2.1. All members must make  all reasonable efforts to attend all practices, matches, and meetings. Exceptions may  be made  if arrangements are made  with the Captain or Team Manager ahead  of time.

3.2.2. All members must carry out their chores  to the best of their ability. In the case that they are unable to fulfill this duty, the team manager must be informed and appropriate actions must be taken by in order to ensure that the chore  is completed.

3.2.3. All members shall  be required to pay membership dues,  the amount of which shall  be announced during the tryout period. There  will  be exceptions made  for students who are in extenuating financial circumstances as determined by the Captain and Treasurer.

3.2.4. Membership can be revoked at any point in time with valid reason as determined unanimously by the executive officers. Valid  reasons include, but are not limited to, any of the criteria used to determine membership during the tryout period. They cannot be any of the characteristics listed in MIT’s Nondiscrimination Statement.

4. ExecutivOfficers

4.1. General

4.1.1. At any given time, there shall  be at least three officers: the Captain, Team  Manager, and Treasurer.

4.1.2. Any member shall be eligible to run for office.

4.1.3. Any member can hold up to two positions with the exception of the Captain, Team  Manager, and Treasurer.

4.1.4. Multiple members can hold  any one office, with the exception of Captain, Team  Manager, and Treasurer.

4.2. Positions & Duties

4.2.1. Captain      Shall be responsible for overseeing the Pistol Team,  its executive officers, members, and activities.      Shall be responsible for representing the Pistol team and its interests      Shall be responsible for creating team cohesion and maintaining team morale      Shall preside over  all Executive Officer meetings and general body  meetings      Shall be the primary officer to hold  meetings, match up new members with returning members for the mentorship program, lead recruiting efforts, and schedule practices      Shall be responsible for making lodging and transportation arrangements for away  matches

4.2.2. Team  Manager      Shall serve  as interim captain and fulfill all the responsibilities of Team  Captain in the event of the captain’s absence or removal      Shall be responsible for scheduling match dates with other teams, creating relays for match, managing match schedules, and managing the team calendar      Shall oversee range chores  system and all other necessary processes in order to maintain a functioning team      Shall oversee correspondence with the Club Sports Council, Junior Olympics Qualifiers, and Sectionals paperwork

4.2.3. Treasurer      Shall be responsible for attaining the qualifications necessary to be a treasurer as deemed by the ASA.      Shall oversee the team’s accounts and expenses in order to ensure that the pistol team’s activities are sustainable for present and future.      Shall be responsible for reimbursement of all pistol-related expenses.      Shall be responsible for collecting dues      Shall be responsible for communicating with team coaches to purchase team supplies      Shall have  the discretion and power to enact financial changes as necessary to ensure the team’s posterity.

4.2.4. Equipment Manager      Shall manage the pistol team inventory, including apparel and pistols. The equipment manager will  not have  access to pistols unless  a hired coach  is present.      Shall work  with team members to assign  them pistols      Shall work  with hired coaches to ensure that all equipment is properly maintained and in working order

4.2.5. Webmaster      Shall be in charge of maintaining and updating the team website.      Shall have  the discretion to implement electronic solutions for the team’s needs  as he/she  sees fit.

4.2.6. Social Chair      Shall be responsible for promoting team bonding and unity through social  events, activities, and outings.      Shall be in charge of organizing end-of-the-semester banquets. Because new officer elections are typically held before the Spring end-of-semester banquet is organized, the planning of this event will fall to the newly-elected Social Chairs each year.

4.2.7. Alumni Relations & Publicity Chair      Shall be responsible for maintain relations with pistol team alumni      Shall send periodic newsletters to alumni mailing lists      Shall organize annual Alumni match      Shall send emails to the Club Sports Council  to update matches and match results.      Shall organize Athletics Gateway booth during Orientation and CPW

4.2.8. Historian      Shall be responsible for taking pictures and maintain records of team events and matches.      Shall collaborate with the Alumni Relations & Publicity Chair to create alumni newsletters and generate media for the Athletics Gateway booth

4.2.9. Statistician       Organizes scoresheets for matches and records scores  as they come  in from both teams      Sends in scores  for JO Qualifiers and Sectionals for all team members.      In charge of updating and tracking team and individual score progress for all events

4.3. Election & Impeachment

4.3.1. Elections Elections shall be held within the month after the NRA Intercollegiate National Championships (typically mid-March). Any member of the team is eligible to run for office. Quorum for meetings shall be one-half of all members on the team.   Any member is elected if he or she wins a majority of the voting members.   If more than two people are running and no one wins a majority, then the person with the fewest votes is dropped from the ballot and votes are recast.   The term of office runs from the end of the NRA Intercollegiate National Championships in the year of election until the end of the NRA Intercollegiate National Championships the following year.

4.3.2. Impeachment      Any officer failing to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office can be subject to impeachment.       Impeachment can be proposed by any member of the team by means of email to the Executive committee, in which case a meeting will  be held  within the week  following the proposal, during practice time. The proposing member will  present his/her proposal in front of the team, after which there will  be discussion led by the Captain, or, if the Captain is under consideration for impeachment, the Team Manager. Within an hour  of the meeting’s commencement, a vote will  be held  for impeachment, unless  a majority vote extends the time of discussion. A 2/3 vote is required to impeach.      Practices also scheduled by the Captain, subject to cancellation. Usually 5-7pm Mon-Thurs. Two relays of 15 members each, members can shoot on other relay  space  and equipment permitting. Absences are excused in event of emergency, unavoidable academic conflicts, or other extenuating circumstances. Low attendance is sufficient reason for membership termination.      In the event of an impeachment of an executive officer, elections shall be held in order to fill the open position.

5. MeetingsPractices Matches

5.1. Meetings

5.1.1. Meeting attendance is not strictly mandatory, however strongly encouraged. Meetings are scheduled by the Captain; at least once a month, usually after match weekends.

5.1.2. Meeting minutes will be recorded by the Historian, and sent out to all members after the meeting.

5.1.3. Any member who must miss a meeting must notify the Captain or Team  Manager at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting, and is wholly responsible for any material covered in the meeting minutes.

5.1.4. Quorum for meetings shall be one-half of all members on the team.

5.1.5. Meetings shall be presided over by the Captain, unless he/she is absent, and in that case the Team Manager shall preside.

5.1.5. All decisions shall be made by a majority vote of all members present.

5.2. Practices

5.2.1. Practice times shall  be announced at the beginning of Fall semester, IAP, and Spring  semester depending on range and Pistol Rifle Club volunteers’ availability.

5.2.2. In the event that there are more  members than shooting points, practices will  be split into relays and members assigned to a relay  time.

5.3. Matches

5.3.1. Matches are scheduled by the Team  Manager during the summer prior to the season  beginning. Matches are scheduled with the competing team, but the range master must be notified of all match dates and times.

5.3.2. All members who are shooting must arrive to the range 30 minutes before their assigned relay.

5.3.3. Matches will  be run by hired coaches.

6. Amendments

6.1. Amendments shall  be presented by any member of the organization in the form of email to the executive team.

6.2. Upon the receipt of an amendment, the executive team must declare a meeting open  to all members within a week.

6.3. Amendments shall  be passed  by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting.

6.4. Quorum for the amendment meeting shall  be one-half of all members (including Pistol Executive Officers) on the team.

7. ASA Governance Clause

The MIT Pistol Team  agrees to abide  by the rules  and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, and its executive board. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall  be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board  to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules  and regulations.

Our Coaches

We wouldn’t be able to exist, much less be so successful, without our awesome volunteer coaches!

Huge thanks to our coaches for all the time and effort they put into helping our team!

Doug White
Yakov Ostrovsky
Steve Goldstein
Louis Matnog

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