Team Captain: Diana Nguyen
Team Manager: Dylan Goff
Treasurer: Lily Wang
Equipment Managers: Alexis Camacho & Stefan Borjan
Statistician: Shushu Fang
Social Chairs: Iris Hwang & Nisal Ovitigala
Publicity / Alumni Relations Chairs: Sreya Vangara
Web Administrator: Carlos Trevino

2019-2020 Competing Team Members:

Seniors (2020) Juniors (2021) Sophomores (2022) Freshmen (2023)
Diana Nguyen Carlos Trevino Dylan Goff Adrian Wittmann
Iris Hwang Constantinos Lordos Lily Wang Kristine Bridges
Alexis Camacho Nisal Ovitigala Shushu Fang Kylie Carpenter
Daniel Wang Seungweon Park Sreya Vangara Noah Raby
Jingwei Ma Stefan Borjan Rachel Chae
Kevin Zheng Aleksia Kdo Sami Amer
Rebecca Sloan Jaclyn Ng Sandy Yang
Liew Min Selam Bulti
Nishat Protyasha
Savva Morozov

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Our Coaches

We wouldn’t be able to exist, much less be so successful, without our awesome volunteer coaches!

Huge thanks to our coaches for all the time and effort they put into helping our team!

Doug White
Yakov Ostrovsky
Steve Goldstein
Louis Matnog

Our Sponsors

MIT Pistol and Rifle Club

MIT Sport Pistol Club Alumni

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