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2013 Collegiate National Championships – All-American awards

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Now that the Awards Banquet is over we know who got All-American
honors and in what

Christie Chiu ’13 received Second-Team All-American recognition in Air Pistol.

Wen Chyan ’13 received Second-Team recognition in Free Pistol,
First-Team in Standard Pistol, and Second-Team in Air Pistol.

Eddie Ha ’13 received Honorable Mention in Air Pistol.

As a final note, our Open Air Pistol team finished 7th out of 11
teams.  Interestingly, the 2nd-place team was North Dakota State, not
an academy or Ohio State.  It was nice to see more civilians on the
podium.  Let’s hope that next year we have even more, including a few
from the small vocational school on the Charles.


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2013 Collegiate Pistol Championships – Day 3

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The shooting is finished.  The air pistol cylinders ammunition are on
their way back to MA via UPS, and all the equipment is packed and
ready for tomorrow’s return flight.  I’m sitting in the hotel’s
breakfast room proctoring three exams.  Maybe just once the
Championships will take place during MIT’s spring break.  This
certainly puts us at a disadvantage as nearly all our opponents have
the week off and thus no academic concerns during the

First, a correction.  The Standard Pistol Team ended 8th of 11, not
7th of 8 as I stated yesterday.  That doesn’t make it a whole lot
better, but it does correct reportage.

Our Women’s Sport Pistol team finished 5th out of 5.  Unfortunately,
teams need to be declared prior to the competition’s start; if I’d
guessed better we might have climbed a place.  It was both a blessing
and a curse to have four individuals qualify for an event in which
teams are comprised of three persons.

Now on to today’s event, the Open Air Pistol match.  Our four-senior
team of Christie Chiu, Wen Chyan, Eddie Ha, and Nick Torgerson did
reasonably well; Christie led with a 543, followed by Nick at 540, Wen
at 537, and Eddie at 526.  The top eight individual finishers were
clustered between 563 and 553, so all our shooters were unfortunately
well out of the finals, and it seems unlikely we’ll garner a team

All that remains is tonight’s Awards Banquet where the presentations
of trophies and All-American honors will take place, and an
early-morning drive back to Atlanta for the flight home.  Despite
losing four shooters to graduation, we expect a good core of returnees
and are already planning for and looking forward to next year.


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2013 Collegiate Pistol Championships Day 2 update

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The second day of competition is finished, but first there’s a small
bit of business remaining from yesterday.  Our Ladies’ Air Pistol team
ended up in 3rd place with a combined score of 1078, behind Army
(1085) and Navy (1084), and Ohio State was not far behind in 4th.
This was a very competitive event, and we’re pleased to be brining
home some hardware!

This morning broke bright and clear, and even colder than yesterday.
There was frost on the windshields and the thermometer read 42F when
we arrived at the range about 8:20 for a 9am Standard Pistol match.
Our top shooter was Wen Chyan ’13 with a 520, good for 15th place.
Our four-person team of Wen, Eddie Ha ’13, Nick Torgerson ’13, and
Kristine Kim ’14 ended a rather disappointing 7th out of 8.  We now
know what type of CVS-brand handwarmers NOT to buy, they weren’t
terribly effective.

There was some good news in the afternoon event, Womens’ Sport Pistol.
Jackie Wu ’16 (yes, a freshman) made it into the finals with a 538,
good for 8th place after the qualifier match.  Her 99.6 in the finals
led the field and she moved up three places, ending in 5th.  The
remainder of our team shot around their averages or slightly below,
but this wasn’t good enough for a team award against extremely strong
teams from Army, Navy, and Ohio State.  The team standings weren’t yet
posted when we left the range, so I’ll follow up with that tomorrow.

The sole event remaining is Open Air Pistol, which begins at 9am
tomorrow and is, thankfully, held indoors.  Tomorrow night is the
awards banquet and All-American presentations.

More tomorrow.


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2013 Pistol Nationals Update, Day 1

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Today saw the first day of competition at the Collegiate National
Championships, being held once again on the ranges of the Army
Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, Georgia.  This year 10 shooters
present are representing MIT, with individuals and teams qualifying
for every

The Free Pistol match started at 9am on a sunny but rather cold,
slightly windy day.  The 50 meter range is unheated, and even though
it’s mostly enclosed and fairly well sheltered it was still cold – in
the high 40s when the match began.  Scores across the board were
rather low in these challenging conditions, and our team was no
exception even with a handwarmer assist.  Our top shooter was Carlos
Domene ’15, who fired a personal best 484.  He was followed by Wen
Chyan ’13 (476), Christie Chiu ’13 (430), and Eddie Ha ’13 (430).
Carlos’ score was good for 22nd place, and our 1820 team score landed
us 8th of 10.  Next year we’ll make sure all shooters participating in
25m and 50m events have a full set of long underwear!

The Women’s Air Pistol match took place in the afternoon in the
relative comfort of the indoor 10 meter range.  We had a very strong
showing, led by Christie Chiu ’13 (363), followed by Jackie Wu ’16
(361) and Ruby Maa ’14 (354).  Christie’s score got her to the finals,
in 6th place, while Jackie missed the finals by a single point.  The
finals were extremely exciting as Christie steadily closed the 7-point
gap between her and the next two higher shooters, who entered the
finals tied at 370.  Her 99.4 finals series was the second-highest,
only 0.6 behind eventual match winner Heather Deppe from USMA, and was
good enough to move her up a position to finish in 5th.  The team
scores still hadn’t been posted when we left the range, but we believe
our combined 1078 gives us a very good chance at a trophy.  That news
will have to wait for tomorrow’s update.

Two events are scheduled for tomorrow – Standard Pistol in the
morning, and Ladies’ Sport Pistol in the afternoon.  Stay tuned.

Your on-the-scene coach and reporter,

Steve Goldstein