We typically hold tryouts once a year during the beginning of the fall semester. We allow all eligible undergraduates who express interest to try out. Tryouts typically last 4 weeks.

Process and Timeline
Info Sessions
The tryout process begins with 2 info sessions, typically held during the first week of classes fall semester. Both sessions cover the same content. Attendance at these is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. If you absolutely cannot make either session, you should send an email to to express interest in being included in the tryout process. To find out the exact time and date that the sessions will be held, come by our table at the Activities Midway during Orientation the week before, or else request this information by emailing

Safety Lectures
The first few sessions of tryouts consist of mandatory safety lectures. Attendance at all of these is required to officially take part in the tryout process.

During the rest of the tryout process, each person trying out is paired with an experienced member of the team. This experienced team member may have multiple people assigned and is responsible for teaching them how to handle their air pistol and improve their marksmanship over the course of the tryout process.

Practice Match
Tryouts culminate with a practice air pistol match, held the last weekend of tryouts. This match simulates a real air pistol match, and gives everyone trying out a chance to test their marksmanship skills.

Team Selection
After the practice match, the experienced members of the team hold a meeting to decide who will be invited to join the team. Though practice match scores are an important consideration, attendance, personality, coachability, and attention to safety are also important parts of the selection process.

Our Coaches

We wouldn’t be able to exist, much less be so successful, without our awesome volunteer coaches!

Huge thanks to our coaches for all the time and effort they put into helping our team!

Doug White
Yakov Ostrovsky
Steve Goldstein
Louis Matnog

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